Rach (harmony_jam07) wrote in femaledrummers,

 » Hey there my female percussionists. My name is Rachel, I'm a sophmore in highschool, and I live in Indiana. I go to a very small school where people aren't exactly pro-band. That being said, our marching band has about 40-50 people, give or take. Our band director took away the marching battery this year for marching band. He had a theory that a band our size would do better without a battery. I'll just say that we didn't exactly agree with this theory, but we're dealing with it. Our sideline percussion usually has some fall athletes in it, but this year we're 100 % percussionists. I play marimba/xylophone, mainly. I adore my instrument & being in pit. I joined this community to make some band geek friends, because I'm a total band geek. And I'm freaking proud of that, thank you very much. ;) 

» Last year's show was titled "Through & Through." We placed 6th at Midstate Championship and missed the cut out of regionals by one spot. Go give it a look and tell me what you think. This year's show is titled "The Hunt." The music for it is located here ~ and I'll be posting videos as we get better at it. 
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