~*LessThanAnNa*~ (snusnubird) wrote in femaledrummers,

Hi! So I'm fairly brand spanking new to drumming, but I just *had* to join and write up a post to share my excitement with the world...


*sigh* Yep, that feels better, thanks.

Well, I bought a second hand, extremely good condition with replaced heads, Yamaha YD series 5 piece set so far. I still need to get some cymbals.. maybe a stool of some sort.. a metronome.. and whatelse have you. But, I've been wanting a kit for a while, and am extremely pleased with it. It's just such a beautiful thing to me right now.

Here's the photo I have of it (that the original owner took.. that I saw online and bought.. so not my full set.. as I just have the 5 piece.. the high hat stand and one cymbal stand. Also.. not my duck duck goose wallpaper.. but feel free to appreciate it anyhow, hah!)

I'll take photos of it set up soonish in my own place once I got that all set. The ducks are cute, but neon green walls are more my style!

It may be just my first set, and I don't have much drumming experience outside of mastering rockband drums on my crappy xbox360.. but I have the feeling that this is a beautiful beginning. :D

Comments/Advice extremely appreciated!!

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