beth (bikelovejones) wrote in femaledrummers,

intro to femaledrummers

Hi all --

45-y/o drummer/percussionist. 20-plus years of playing, arranging and teaching; opera/musical theatre pit orchestras; jazz combo; marching band and drum corps.
Day job: bicycle mechanic/purchaser and shop co-owner. Sideline: cantorial soloist and bar/bat mitzvah tutor at local synagogue.

Back into drumming after a bicycling accident, two hand surgeries and a 12-year hiatus.
Picked up the sticks last fall and began "messing around" until my triplet rolls and flams started coming back. Patient (though bemused) partner is kind and encouraging. A non-drummer, she suggests I look around for a group to go play with.

I've been looking, but haven't yet found anything in my area (PDX). There's something called Last Regiment and I will go check them out when my schedule permits, but they don't play corps-style and I worry about what that'd do to my returning chops.

Fantasy: to find a buncha old farts like me (people old enough to remember NARD?) who wanna hang out and jam corps-style (timed rolls, clean rudiments) once a week and maybe march in a community parade during the summer. All for fun.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Cheers --Bikelovejones
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