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Female drummers. [entries|friends|calendar]
Drummers without male genitalia.

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one season over, the next beginning. [28 Nov 2008|12:41pm]

 hey guys! Our school's marching season is over, now. We were pretty darn successful this year for the size of our band; we advanced all the way to semi-state, being the smallest band by far, and we placed 2nd out of 20 bands in MSBA Championships. Our show theme was The Hunt, and you can go watch it here. Tell me what you think!

We're transferring into our Winter Percussion season, practices have just started. Are there any other participants in this?
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New here [02 Oct 2008|10:39pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Well, i'm new to this community but I'm a percussion girl and I play keyboards mostly but I would call myself a drummer.  Well my story is junior in hs and well my band is pretty sweet we had 3rd in MI 2 years ago and 4th last year, so this year looks good for Lanse Creuse!!!  Yeah, just wanted to share my story with you guys!

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[10 Sep 2008|07:49pm]

 » Hey there my female percussionists. My name is Rachel, I'm a sophmore in highschool, and I live in Indiana. I go to a very small school where people aren't exactly pro-band. That being said, our marching band has about 40-50 people, give or take. Our band director took away the marching battery this year for marching band. He had a theory that a band our size would do better without a battery. I'll just say that we didn't exactly agree with this theory, but we're dealing with it. Our sideline percussion usually has some fall athletes in it, but this year we're 100 % percussionists. I play marimba/xylophone, mainly. I adore my instrument & being in pit. I joined this community to make some band geek friends, because I'm a total band geek. And I'm freaking proud of that, thank you very much. ;) 

» Last year's show was titled "Through & Through." We placed 6th at Midstate Championship and missed the cut out of regionals by one spot. Go give it a look and tell me what you think. This year's show is titled "The Hunt." The music for it is located here ~ and I'll be posting videos as we get better at it. 
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drum time: lifetime warmup [02 Aug 2008|09:26am]

I was introduced to a very cool exercise this morning, played by former drum corps phenom Tommy Igoe over at the HQ practice pad Web site:


If you go and watch, write down his instructions as he goes along. When you're done, you've got a template for a really nice warmup that can be played at any tempo (start slow and work your way up). Notice that although he tries to keep the 8th notes consistent through his initial time changes he DOES speed up, like ALL drummers!
Hint: begin by breaking down the exercise into workable chunks and practice with a metronome.
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Central NJ Drummers? [15 Jul 2008|01:37pm]

Hey, I'm Melissa and I live in Central New Jersey. My friend Natalie and I are looking to start an all female hardcore band.

We're looking for a drummer who lives in Jersey, has their own means of transportation, between the ages of 17 and 25.

You can contact me via email at melthibault [at] comcast [dot] net.
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[20 Jun 2008|05:24am]

Hi! So I'm fairly brand spanking new to drumming, but I just *had* to join and write up a post to share my excitement with the world...


*sigh* Yep, that feels better, thanks.

Well, I bought a second hand, extremely good condition with replaced heads, Yamaha YD series 5 piece set so far. I still need to get some cymbals.. maybe a stool of some sort.. a metronome.. and whatelse have you. But, I've been wanting a kit for a while, and am extremely pleased with it. It's just such a beautiful thing to me right now.

Here's the photo I have of it (that the original owner took.. that I saw online and bought.. so not my full set.. as I just have the 5 piece.. the high hat stand and one cymbal stand. Also.. not my duck duck goose wallpaper.. but feel free to appreciate it anyhow, hah!)

I'll take photos of it set up soonish in my own place once I got that all set. The ducks are cute, but neon green walls are more my style!

It may be just my first set, and I don't have much drumming experience outside of mastering rockband drums on my crappy xbox360.. but I have the feeling that this is a beautiful beginning. :D

Comments/Advice extremely appreciated!!

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OMG. [12 Jun 2008|12:54am]

I'm in love with the premise of this community.

I'm a high school student that lives in Texas.
I have been in pit for a year. I love it.
I am lead marimba, last year and the coming up.
I'm very excited with everything that's going on.
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WTT Firth slimpad for Firth stockpad [29 May 2008|07:41am]

I have a Vic Firth slimpad that is six weeks old and in nearly new condition with limited at-home use. I do not care for the feel of this pad, likely because I do not play on kevlar heads (and never have) and prefer a pad that mimicks the feel of an older-school head.

I would like to offer a straight-across trade of my slimpad in exchange for a Vic Firth stockpad.

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intro to femaledrummers [30 Mar 2008|10:43am]

Hi all --

45-y/o drummer/percussionist. 20-plus years of playing, arranging and teaching; opera/musical theatre pit orchestras; jazz combo; marching band and drum corps.
Day job: bicycle mechanic/purchaser and shop co-owner. Sideline: cantorial soloist and bar/bat mitzvah tutor at local synagogue.

Back into drumming after a bicycling accident, two hand surgeries and a 12-year hiatus.
Picked up the sticks last fall and began "messing around" until my triplet rolls and flams started coming back. Patient (though bemused) partner is kind and encouraging. A non-drummer, she suggests I look around for a group to go play with.

I've been looking, but haven't yet found anything in my area (PDX). There's something called Last Regiment and I will go check them out when my schedule permits, but they don't play corps-style and I worry about what that'd do to my returning chops.

Fantasy: to find a buncha old farts like me (people old enough to remember NARD?) who wanna hang out and jam corps-style (timed rolls, clean rudiments) once a week and maybe march in a community parade during the summer. All for fun.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Cheers --Bikelovejones
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Who doesn't love free stuff? [06 Nov 2007|12:52am]

A free T-Shirt goes to the first person to email me a correct answer to this trivia question:

How many members are there in the Snare, Tenor, Bass, or Cymbal line of the University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band this year? (one free shirt per section, limit one shirt per person)

Answers should be emailed to: UMMB-Merchant@music.umass.edu
Please include your shirt size and name of the community in which you saw this in your email.

(only the winning answer will recieve a reply, shirt will be mailed out via first-class mail.) 
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[24 Oct 2007|05:51pm]

Hi ! I’m Renee
I played the cymbals in one season of marching band and one season of competitive drumline, (gave me wicked back muscles) and now have moved on to the snare. our drumline doesn’t communicate so well, especially the snare line. this may be because they are mostly boys who have spent their whole lives being told how beautiful and wonderful at the drums they are by everyone..

but i love it.
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[26 Aug 2007|03:11pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi Girls! I'm Katie - Snare Drum turned Pit (Section Leader seems better than hangin' around a bunch of guys all day ;P) I just thought I'd introduce myself.

I don't know about you guys, but this marching season is pretty awesome. My band's got a pretty sick drum feature, and yours truly gets to throw in a few cymbal crashes, hah. If I could get someone to help, I'll post a vid of it in the future :]]]

To the point of this entry, Greetings to all other percussion girls! :]]]

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JOIN JOIN JOIN!!! [16 Jun 2006|09:30pm]
join this new drumming community!!!
i need as many people as possible for it to work.
i will be out of town all next week because i'm going to a percussion camp at the university of north texas. but be a dear and join! this one's looking kind of dead anyway.

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[02 Jun 2006|06:54pm]

so i just got the cd of our last concert this year. it was an outdoor concert because our auditorium is under contruction. there is one track i'm sharing. it's our percussion ensemble piece. it was actually 3 drummers and 1 trumpeter but she's an honoary percussionist. might i mention three preformers were girls and one was a guy. it's called samba classico and we took it to a local competion and we where on the verge of getting a command preformance. this wasn't our best but it still sounds decent.
also i have recordings of inchon by robert w. smith and a recording of gettysberg: the third day. they're pretty cool i'll put them up if anyone wants them.
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[30 May 2006|01:09am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

My name's Jessica, I'm a senior and a mallet girl.  Sorry if I've introduced myself before, it's been ages if I have and half of you probably don't even remember me. Anyway, I'm front ensemble section leader this year and our rookies can't read music and they pretty much don't do mallets often. You can imagine my delimma. *sigh*

So I come to you girls with a request:  Do any of you have any technique handouts or simple warm ups that would help them out a bit?  Or have any references online, at least.  I checked out VicFirth.com and they had some pretty good online stuff, but I'd like something I could print out and make them keep in a binder. I know I had some from the University of North Alabama, but I can't find them (of course).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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[17 May 2006|08:00pm]

Anyone else have a story like mine??

Just to give you a little history...I'm a junior. I played in pit freshman year, bass sophomore year, and snare this year.

But my line has played matched up until this point, when, about a month ago, the boys decide they want to switch to trad. They all can play trad really well already...I can't.

So I practice my butt off for the past two weeks, learning trad and learning the audition solo.

Today comes. My audition doesn't exactly go as well as planned...I screw up a few parts. I'm hoping my directors just take it as me still working on learning trad...I mean, they know I can play, right?

Then the results come, and I get BOOTED OFF SNARE by an effing RISING FRESHMAN. Seriously, an 8th grader. She takes private lessons from our drumline director...and...yeah.

So I am back on bass again. Which pretty much sucks. I mean, this kid has 3 MORE YEARS to play snare! I don't have any!!

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[14 May 2006|07:27am]

so im really excited because every year our school does a battle of the sexes rally and this year they asked for a drum off with our captain and i and two of our guys. we're definately going to win. even though i'm not quite sure what to play. anyway on to my completely unrelated question. you know of any good ways to simulate a machine gun (besides hiting rimshots on the snare)?
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[29 Mar 2006|11:28pm]


Start a fucking dyke_riot!
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[25 Mar 2006|12:15am]

'ello girls.

I'm Rachael.
Columbia, MO.

I been playing drums for over 20-ish years.
My dad was in a band in the 60's, he taught me young.

I have 1960's Grestch.

is there anyone else in Missouri?

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[17 Feb 2006|11:35pm]

[ mood | mellow ]


I just joined this community so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 21 years old, from Vancouver, British Columbia (well technically a suburb of Vancouver) and I've been drumming for about 8 1/2 months. I don't know a lot about drumming or the drum set, I just sort of come up with whatever and get the occasional lesson from a guy who owns the drum set. In other words...I'm not very good, but I absolutely love it. 

Sorry, this is a crappy picture.

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